Aemon Targaryen

Maester Aemon of the Night’s Watch


Prince Aemon was the third son of King Maekar I; the others were the drunkard Daeron, the cruel Aerion (who killed himself when he drank a jar of wildfire), and Aegon V the Unlikely. Aemon was so unpromising as a boy that he was sent to the Citadel to become a maester. After King Maekar’s death, the throne was offered to Aemon, but he refused due to his vows. He eventually joined the Night’s Watch when he realized that Aegon IV’s enemies would try to use him against the king.

Aemon is ancient and frail, his skin wrinkled and thin as parchment. His wizened head is hairless, and he stares out with sightless, milky white eyes. He dresses plainly and relies on his attendant stewards to help him dress and move about.

Maester Aemon presents a picture of contentment and peace, secure in the knowledge that he has found his place and faithfully discharged his responsibilities. He is patient and wise in a way that only a man of his advanced years can be, and anyone who spends time with him will be the better for it. His world is the Wall, but that does not mean that he is unaware of events in the south—to be sure, he mourned for the death of his family, and he is aware of rumors that his great-niece Daenerys and great-nephew Viserys survived the massacre at King’s Landing and escaped to the east. Though he knows that his time is ending and that his place is with his brothers, a part of him hopes that Dany will return as queen, restoring justice to an increasingly lawless continent


Maester Aemon was born the third son of King Maekar Targaryen. As a younger brother of princes Daeron and Aerion, Aemon was unlikely to succeed to the throne and so acceded to the wishes of his grandfather, King Daeron II, and attended the Citadel, receiving his maester’s chain at a very early age. Later, he served a number of nobles, finally acting as his brother Daeron’s maester. In 233 AL, after both older princes had died, the Great Council offered Aemon the throne, but to the surprise of all, he refused in favor of his younger brother Aegon, known to history as King Aegon V “the Unlikely.” Refusing to be drawn into the game of thrones or be used against his brother at a later date, Aemon instead chose to take the black and sever his ties to House Targaryen altogether. Aemon has served the Watch faithfully for the last five decades, keeping his oath even when House Targaryen was torn from the throne and his own descendants ruthlessly murdered by the Usurper and his allies. Today, he remains on the Wall, content to do his duty. A few black brothers, including the Lord Commander, know his secret, but to most members of the Night’s Watch he is just a frail old man who sits in his tower waiting for death to claim him

Aemon Targaryen

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