Bran Stark

The climber


The second son of the Stark brood, Bran is named for his uncle, who was in turn named for the house’s great founder, Bran the Builder. He possesses an easy charm and is well liked by both the household and his siblings. He looks forward to the day when he can ride beside his brother Robb and serve House Stark as a knight or war-leader. In the meantime, he enjoys his childhood, exploring every corner of Winterfell and taking chances with his life that horrify both his mother and father.

Bran favors his Tully side in appearance, having auburn hair and bright, intelligent eyes. Though Bran’s features are still round and boyish, he has a strength to his demeanor that recalls both his Stark father and his Tully uncles.

Bran is bright, easy going, and friendly. He is probably the most amiable of the children—less serious than Robb, less rebellious than Arya, more cheerful than Sansa, and less fussy than Rickon. Like the other Stark children, he is close to his half-brother Jon Snow and enjoys the company of the Stark’s ward Theon Greyjoy, who has an adventurous, devil-may-care quality Bran finds appealing. He likes nothing better than to hear Old Nan’s stories, and he frequently demands to hear the more frightening ones, such as tales of the Others and the Battle for the Dawn. He has begun training with weapons and seems destined, like his brother Robb, to be an excellent fighter.

For the most part, Bran is an obedient and good-natured son, save in the matter of his explorations, which he pursues despite Eddard and Catelyn’s stern commands otherwise. Bran is never cruel, but he does enjoy leading household servants on merry chases across the battlements and rooftops, for he invariably escapes and his punishment is rarely severe.


Bran was born seven years ago, in the warm height of summer, and has not yet known even the slightest touch of true winter. He is a smart and charming child, though at an early age he showed an almost preternatural fascination with climbing, often found clinging to trees or perched atop sheer walls. Since then, Bran’s adventurous streak has grown even more ambitious, and he clambers freely along the walls and ramparts of Winterfell despite his parents’ admonitions and the frequent attention of household servants and guards, who often chase after him only to have the nimble youngster elude their pursuit.

Bran Stark

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