Brienne of Tarth

The Maid of Tarth


A woman who refuses to accept the roles others wish to force on her, Brienne of Tarth chose a martial life fighting not just her lord’s sworn foes, but all of Westerosi society.

Brienne has never been an attractive woman. She is tall and thick, with
none of the grace favored in women in Westeros. Her movements are
precise and swift but not smooth or soft. Her hair is the color and texture
of dirty straw, her face covered in freckles, and her mouth too wide
and swollen, filled with uneven teeth. To add to her unfortunate collection
of features are the marks of a life of battle—a nose too-oft broken
and scars on her arms. Though rarely noted, her eyes are large, deep
clear blue orbs of great beauty, though set in her face they lose much of
their charm.

Brienne is simple, loyal, and determined, but also headstrong and judgmental.
She views the world in black and white terms and does not
forgive those she sees as having failed in their duty or lost their honor.
This belief is in part because her own road has been hard, and she has
been forced to make many difficult choices. Brienne values those who
keep their word and loyalty above those who are useful to her at the
moment—she is willing to accept that others may have different views
from her but only if they keep to their philosophies in all circumstances.
She has no use for situational oaths or pragmatic decisions, expecting
everything to be as straight and unwavering as she is herself.


Brienne of Tarth, the Maid of Tarth, and mockingly called the Beauty
of Tarth, was born the eldest daughter of Lord Selwyn. She had a single
older brother, Galladon, who drowned when she was eight, and two
younger sisters—both of whom died as young children. This makes
her the only offspring of Lord Selwyn, a fact that naturally encouraged
him to find a suitable match for her. Given her mannish appearance
and attitude, however, the task was a difficult one. Her father successfully
found three men willing to betroth her, though the first two fell
through. The last, Ser Humfrey Wagstaff, warned her he would insist
she act womanly once they were wed. Though only sixteen, Brienne replied
she would only accept such a demand
from a man who could beat her in combat.
In the effort, Ser Humfrey ended up with
three broken bones and a broken betrothal.
Her father never tried again.

Lord Selwyn is considering sending Brienne
to Storm’s End in the hopes she either
might find an appropriate man to her liking
on her own, or learn to be more gentle
when exposed to the more courtly ladies of
the castle. Brienne is amenable to the task,
hoping to find ways to test or hone her talents at swordplay with true
knights of the realm and perhaps prove to the world that she is as good
as any knight.

Brienne of Tarth

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