Daenerys Targaryen

The Stormborn


A young woman of thirteen, Daenerys Targaryen is the meek and mild
younger sister of Viserys Targaryen. Because she was born on Dragonstone
in the aftermath of the war, she has known no life other than one
of exile, but her head is filled with stories of the Seven Kingdoms from
her brother and those who have taken pity on them. Daenerys believes
in her brother and, despite his ill-treatment of her, would follow him to
the ends of the earth, unmindful of the strength that hides inside her

With her silver-blonde hair and lilac eyes, Daenerys looks like the
quintessential Targaryen. She’s a young woman, newly turned thirteen,
and is just coming into womanhood. She has fair skin and will become
a great beauty when she comes of age.

Daenerys would be happy to be a normal girl with no destiny, ambitions,
or importance. She enjoys life and appreciates everything she
has. She hears stories about what she should have from her brother,
but none of that really seems to matter to her. She was happy with
the house with the red door that she was raised in—she doesn’t need
Dragonstone or the Red Keep or the Seven Kingdoms. As she grew,
she became quiet and withdrawn, mostly to avoid drawing the attention
and unpredictable wrath of Viserys. Long abuse at her brother’s
hands has led her to become shy and unconfident, though she’s beginning
to question not only her brother’s sanity but also his ability to
be king.


Daenerys’ story is much the same as that of Viserys. She is the only
daughter of the Mad King and his sister-wife Rhaella; Daenerys was
born after the rest of her family had been slaughtered at the climax of
the War of the Usurper, born in the smoky bowels of Dragonstone in
the midst of a terrible storm, thus earning her the nickname “Stormborn.”
Unfortunately, her birth was difficult and resulted in the death
of her mother, something for which her brother has never forgiven her.
Shortly after her birth, the soldiers of Dragonstone decided to turn the
children over to Stannis Baratheon and his fleet, but Ser Willem Darry
and his sworn knights spirited her and her brother from Dragonstone
to the safety of the Free Cities.

Darry took the children to Braavos, where he raised them as his own
and protected them from their Westerosi enemies. Daenerys was an innocent
and good child, but she was constantly tormented by her older
brother. Viserys pinched and beat her regularly, especially if she’d done
something to “wake the dragon.” In addition, he liked to remind her
that since he was the destined to be the king, that she would most likely
be his wife, as was proper for Targaryens.

Her time with Ser Willem was the only home she ever knew, and she
mourns losing it still, frequently remembering the red door of the house in which she lived. His death meant moving on, drifting from place to place, and putting her firmly under the care of her elder brother, always trusting him to make the right decision about her future. Most recently, Daenerys and Viserys have taken residence inside the estate of Illyrio
Mopatis, where it’s becoming clear that the merchant prince intends to
use Viserys for his own ends, though he has shown Daenerys nothing
but kindness.

Daenerys Targaryen

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