Janos Slynt

Commander of the City Watch


The current Commander of the City Watch is a grasping and ambitious son of a butcher named Janos Slynt. A sycophant if ever there was one, he simpers and scrapes before King Robert Baratheon, to ensure the office remains his. Like many on the cusp of nobility, Slynt craves power and has a reputation for bending the rules—or breaking them— to advance his station. Rumors swirl about the man, and many whisper he’s not above bribery, graft, and all manner of unsavory scandals, and though King Robert is aware of his excesses, he tolerates Slynt’s corruption so long as the man doesn’t overreach.

Janos Slynt is a man of common appearance, with dark hair, plain features, and nothing at all impressive about him. He wears the uniform of his office, which he maintains with diligent pride. When not overseeing the duties of his station, he can be found lingering in the shadows of the king’s court. Slynt has a number of children, including his three sons Morros, Jothos, and Danos. Morros is the eldest son, and he has inherited the worst of his father’s traits, making him ugly and frog-faced.


Janos Slynt

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