Lancel Lannister

Kings Squire


Squire to the king at age fifteen, Lancel Lannister was not prepared for
the rages of his Grace.

Lancel Lannister is nephew to Lord Tywin Lannister, the eldest son
of a younger son. An attractive and well-formed youth, he is dependent
on the power of his family’s name to earn him a place of honor, having
no title or lands in his own right. His cousin, Queen Cersei Lannister,
insisted her husband take Lancel as a squire. Lancel had little martial
experience prior to this appointment and learned under King Robert’s
rough voice the basics of tourney combat. If King Robert bore Lancel
no particular love, he also bore him no specific ill will. Aware his fortunes
were more tied to the goodwill of Cersei than King Robert, Lancel
is dutiful in reporting the king’s activities to the queen and doing her
bidding in minor manners.

Lancel wishes to be a great knight but lacks the conviction of character
to steer through the plots and poisons of court life at his tender age.
Lancel is a handsome man, with a trim form, sandy hair, and bright
emerald eyes. He attempts to appear older and more experienced by growing a mustache, but the result is never more than a wisp of light
hair that does little for his sense of maturity.


Lancel Lannister

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