Lord Renly Baratheon

Master of Laws


Young, handsome, and ambitious, Renly Baratheon is the third son of the Baratheon family and stood to inherit little. However, his good looks, charismatic manner, and the love of his brother catapulted him to become Lord of Storm’s End, even though by rights the titles and lands should have fallen to his brother Stannis. His position and stature have only grown, and truly, Renly’s star is in ascent. One can only wonder how high it will climb before he falls.

Lord Renly is as tall as his eldest brother, though not so stoutly built. He always appears amused, with an easy laugh and bright eyes that seem to change color from green to blue depending on his mood (and the lighting). He keeps his body trim and his thick, jet-black hair long but always neatly combed. He prefers to be clean-shaven.

Renly has managed to combine King Robert’s easy likability with a willingness to do the work of rulership and play the game of thrones. He is renowned for being well dressed and having a strong sense of fashion and pageantry. Many of his more somber peers, including his brother Stannis, feel he lacks a level of seriousness appropriate to a high lord, but those taken into his confidences are quickly won over. His lack of martial accomplishments and colorful style make him an easy target for insults that suggest he is unmanly, but such mocking has never been taken up by the smallfolk.

Renly enjoys tournaments and hunting but isn’t driven by the passionfor food, drink, or wenching, as Robert came to be. Renly is too headstrong and too willing to see things only from his point of view, but he might mature with age if given a chance. His love of spectacles and his desire to be the center of attention colors his life. Furthermore, his easy inheritance of Storm’s End prevented him from learning great gains usually have great costs.


Renly Baratheon was born the youngest of three sturdy, healthy boys. His early life was filled with preparation to serve as a knight and possibly a councilor to either of his brothers but not to rule a great house of his own. Though such things were possible, it was unlikely that a third son would come to inherit Storm’s End. Of course, once Robert raised banners against the Mad King, the fate of many young nobles changed.

Just a child during Robert’s Rebellion, Renly had little to do beyond voicing his support for his brother’s claim to the throne. He spent his childhood clamoring for attention, pretending to be a knight, or the king, or the god of storms. While Robert fought on the Trident and Stannis held Storm’s End from siege by the forces of Lord Mace Tyrell, Renly was kept safe and secure to ensure he was not taken hostage.Though not involved in the fighting, Renly never forgot the power of the Tyrell house and concluded the Reach was one key to taking and keeping King’s Landing.

Though Storm’s End rightfully belonged to Stannis Baratheon once Robert became king, Robert sent Stannis to take Dragonstone, which was still loyal to the Targaryens at that point. Once he finished the difficult task of taking the stronghold, Stannis was displeased to discover the King Robert had named him Lord of Dragonstone. Robert needed a strong ruler to control what had been a holdout of the Mad King’s loyalists, and Stannis was much more suited for this role than Renly was. This meant Renly came to be Lord of Storm’s End without having done anything of true note during the war. This has driven a wedge between Renly and Stannis, a rift in their relationship which has yet to be mended.

In addition to being made Lord of Storm’s End, Renly was appointed to the king’s small council, serving as Robert’s master of laws. Using this position and his control of the stormlands, Renly forged a political alliance with Ser Loras Tyrell, youngest son of the lord who besieged Storm’s End during the Rebellion. Concerned about the growing power of the Lannisters, and seeing Robert’s cold and stormy marriage to Queen Cersei, Renly is scheming to replace Cersei with Margaery Tyrell as the king’s wife. Such a union would combine the power of the Reach and the stormlands to support and secure King’s Landing for all time, and pry off the grasping fingers of the Lannisters

Lord Renly Baratheon

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