Lord Stannis Baratheon

Lord of Dragonstone


When the Targaryen survivors fled Dragonstone to seek refuge across
the narrow sea, the former seat of House Targaryen fell to Stannis
Baratheon. Attaining this forlorn fortress might have been a great honor
for some, but as the second son in House Baratheon, Storm’s End
was Stannis’s birthright; thus, acquiring the lordship of this dark and
sinister island was an obvious slight by the king, especially since Storm’s
End went to the youngest brother, Lord Renly. Still, Dragonstone’s
brooding character fits Stannis well, and from this island fastness, Stannis
performs every duty required of his king and country.

A man with a warrior’s build, Stannis has broad shoulders and sinewy
limbs. His face is gaunt and hard, like leather cured in the sun. Not yet
thirty-five, he carries himself as a man much older, and his thinning hair only supports his image. Stannis wears a closely trimmed beard and
moustache that does little to hide his scowling mouth. Stannis always
appears tightly wound, tense, and on the cusp of outrage.

Stannis is stern, unforgiving, humorless, grim, and unlikable. He’s also
never thought about changing: he knows who he is, and he’s sure of himself
and his place in the world. Stannis has little use for the gods and
believes in things he can touch, things he can see. He’s not a man to give
into mystical devotion easily, and for him to set aside his doubt, he would
have to witness true supernatural power. He’s uncomfortable around
women, even his own wife, so the post in the small council is a good
excuse for him to put distance between himself and his loveless marriage.
He’s an accomplished commander, sailor, and warrior, and although
he has the potential to be a great leader if he would only change a few
things about his personality, that’s just not how he works. Changing
would mean compromising his values, and compromise has never been
something of which Stannis is capable. He has a black and white view
of things: wrong is wrong, right is right, and justice is always fair, even
if it seems extreme to those who don’t understand it as well as Stannis.
That said, Stannis is an intelligent man and knows when to change
strategies in order to take advantage of the shifting landscape.


Stannis has never been loved or had the affection of nobles or smallfolk,
for he has always been a dour and humorless man, even as a boy. Perhaps
Stannis might have grown differently had his parents not been dashed
upon the rocks of Shipbreaker Bay, but even if they had lived, none
doubt Stannis would ever have been anything but a serious man. Little
is known of the man’s life after the deaths of his parents, but presumably,
he used his time wisely, studying law and warfare, training to be a better
swordsman, and doing his duty to his family and his people.

When Robert called his banners, rising up against the Mad King,
Stannis joined his brother, presumably because his ties to kin were
stronger than his fealty to king, though such a position to be in was undoubtedly a tenuous one, for Stannis always held law and justice as the
highest ideals. In any event, Stannis held Storm’s End in the face of the
siege sent by King’s Landing, holding out when lesser men would surely
have surrendered. While his brother was off fighting the war, Stannis
was left to rot with his men inside the walls of his family’s castle, slowly
starving to death rather than submit to their enemies. Stannis’s story
might have ended there but for the courageous efforts of a brave smuggler
named Davos, who risked everything to bring in fresh supplies and
foodstuffs to the beleaguered defenders.

After the fall of King’s Landing, Robert sent Stannis to take Dragonstone,
for it was known that Aerys had sent his pregnant wife and
young son to their ancestral fortress to wait out the war. Stannis’s fleet
converged on the fortress but arrived too late to capture Viserys and
the newborn Daenerys. Although he seized the fortress with little trouble,
fully expecting to return to Storm’s End as was his right, he was
shocked to learn that Robert named him Lord of the wretched isle and
his younger brother Lord of Storm’s End.

This affront haunted Stannis, who had ever done his duty in service
to his brother and family, even going so far as to betray his king. Still,
Stannis hid his outrage, and when called to serve on the small council in
King’s Landing, he left his wife and young child at Dragonstone to once
more serve as he must. Stannis’s time at King’s Landing has not been
agreeable. Craftier men with greater ambitions drown out his voice;
each day brings the revelation that few share his high ideals. Stannis
suspects something is queer about Robert’s children and has worked
closely with Jon Arryn to sort out the truth. However, with the Hand
ailing, Stannis expects to be named the next Hand of the King. If Robert
betrays him in this, as he suspects he might, Stannis plans to quit
King’s Landing altogether and return to his holdings on his rocky isle

Lord Stannis Baratheon

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