Prince Doran Martell

Prince of Sunspear


Doran Martell is Prince of Sunspear and ruler of House Martell. A man of peace, he is sick of death and war and sorrow. Doran has retreated from the world to find solace in the Water Gardens, leaving the suffering of the world to those who want it.

Aging before his time, life has been hard on his body, and his legs and feet have begun to swell. He conceals his gout with silks and long robes, but it’s clear he suffers with each step.

Doran is familiar with what impulsive action brings and has taken his life lessons to heart. He’s a cautious man who carefully considers his options, much to the frustrations of his daughters who see him as being indecisive and even afraid to take action. In truth, Doran is brilliant, tactically minded, and not given to taking risks, making him the exact opposite of his brother Oberyn. He has plans, deep and convoluted, but he chooses not to share them until he is ready.


Doran was groomed to inherit Sunspear and all its responsibilities, but he
was ill-prepared for the chain of events that led him to his sorry predicament.
Like his brother, Doran deeply loved their sister, Elia, and he was
saddened to see her go to King’s Landing, though he had little reason to
suspect she was in danger. When war erupted in the north, after Rhaegar
abandoned his wife to steal away Lyanna Stark, the Martells wanted no
part in the coming war. If they had had their way, they would have taken
Elia out of danger and washed their hands of the conflict. But King Aerys
forced their hands, issuing sinister reminders that he held Lewyn’s daughter
and that she might come to harm if Dorne didn’t lend aid to his defense.

Drawn into a war they never wanted, a war that ultimately culminated
with Elia’s murder, Doran ascended to his family’s seat in the
thick of the confusion and violence that swirled around the aftermath of
the sack of King’s Landing. His father gone, it fell to Doran to raise the banners and declare war on behalf of the exiled Prince Viserys, as his
brother Oberyn wanted, or to swallow the lies and half-truths of King’s
Landing to avoid more bloodshed. Knowing war would be hopeless,

Doran quashed all talk of battle and strove to establish a peace between
the new King Robert and his own unruly and temperamental land.
Added to this is his estrangement with his wife Mellario, whom he
had met while traveling the Free Cities. He brought her back to Dorne
as his wife, infatuated with her exotic appearance. Not long after the
sack of King’s Landing, though, he fostered their son Quentyn with
Yronwood. Enraged at what she saw as selling his own flesh, they grew
apart, and Mellario returned to her family in Norvos.

Doran has never recovered from the loss of his sister or the separation
from his wife. Now, just fifty years old, he’s feeling the onset of
gout. Rather than face the strain of ruling from Sunspear, he left the city
to his daughter and heir Arianne and reigns from the Water Gardens in
the hopes of rejuvenating his spirit and his health.

Prince Doran Martell

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