Prince Joffrey Baratheon

“Joffrey is truly a little shit.” -Jon Snow


Joffrey is the eldest of the royal children and the heir to Robert’s throne. As the oldest, he lords his size and position over his younger siblings and especially over people who aren’t members of his family while still managing a polite façade—most of the time. Everyone, except his mother, regards him as a horrible, spoiled brat with no self-control or humility.

Joffrey is tall for a boy his age, with blond curly hair and bright green eyes. While he carries himself regally most of the time, he has pouty lips and an evil sneer. He always wears the finest clothing and accents, as befits the royal heir and king.

Joffrey is truly his mother’s son. Volatile, uncontrollable, and cruel, he is as savage and unpredictable as the maddest Targaryen king. He delights in inflicting pain, an unsavory trait that emerged early in his life in his wicked torture of the castle’s cats, though such behavior was cut short when Robert learned of his horrific acts. Joffrey gets people to do what he wants by threatening them, believing himself immune to retribution. He has little sense of right or wrong, which often leads him to trouble, especially when he loses his temper and screams out exactly the wrong thing. And when things go wrong because of his temper, he always blames the problems on others. He is the perfect example of what his mother hates about power—that it’s handed to men simply because they’re male.


Joffrey has never had a close relationship with Robert, partly because his father scarcely recognizes him as his own but also because Joffrey is definitely Cersei’s creature, and he is a constant reminder of Cersei’s cruelty and ambition. To make matters worse, Joffrey’s cruel streak emerged early in his life, further widening the gulf between the king and the prince.

Prince Joffrey Baratheon

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