Princess Myrcella Baratheon

All of her mother’s beauty and none of her nature.


Myrcella is the middle child. With Joffrey slated to be king after their father passes, Myrcella has been born to the role of the waiting bride, a valuable commodity for cementing alliances in the realm since a marriage would elevate any house blessed with such an arrangement. To prepare her for her role, she has spent most of her short childhood learning the womanly arts.

Myrcella is a little girl in every way. She enjoys spending time with other noblewomen, learning the proper way for a princess to act. Unlike her brother, she is everything a royal heir should be: kind, gentle, brave, smart, strong willed, and respectful.

The young Myrcella is a pretty little girl with cherubic features and the signature golden locks of the Lannisters. She enjoys dressing nicely but also likes to spend time playing as any girl her age does.


Princess Myrcella Baratheon

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