Queen Cersei Lannister

Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and daughter of Tywin Lannister


Cersei is a Lannister through and through. She is hungry for power and believes it is her right, a feeling that has only grown over her years as Queen. She is a twin to her brother Jaime, and she is the older sister of Tyrion, whom she despises. She is the eldest of the Lannister children and probably the most heartless. She hates that despite being first born, even if it was by only a few seconds, she won’t inherit the power that normally passes from father to son. This dynamic has done more to influence Cersei’s personality and outlook on life than has anything else.

Cersei is blessed with more than her fair share of physical charms. She knew her looks would win her a position of power, even if it meant being used only as breeding stock, a thought she loathed. She’s kept her looks through the years, and she’s still as beautiful and desirable as ever, with a full head of golden hair, bright green eyes, and a curvaceous, sensual body.

Like all Lannisters, Cersei is intelligent, brave, and ruthless; unlike the rest of the Lannisters, she’s also volatile and impatient. Many of her personal traits spring from the fact she resents the restrictions placed on her simply because she’s a woman. It angers her that a man, no matter what his shortcomings, would have been given power she’d never be able to earn despite her strengths.

In her mind, her only failing came when she was unable to make Robert forget Lyanna Stark. While she feels she could compete against any woman alive, she can’t compete with Robert’s dead first love. Cersei cannot accept that she is not enough for him. Her one advantage in the world is her appearance, and Robert is immune. Being queen has made it easier for her to accept her place, as has her relationship with her brother.

She and Jaime came into the world together—her first and him following after, clutching her ankle. They make an interesting pair, and their bond is unique. They think of themselves as two parts of a whole or possibly even two people who share a single soul. They express this physically and rationalize it as being pure, natural, and as following the tradition of their Targaryen kings.


Cersei is the only daughter and eldest child of Tywin Lannister and his wife, Joanna. Even as a child, she believed she should be the one to carry on her family’s name. She’s spent her entire life climbing the social and political ladder to amass more power. Her ambition started early in life when she was married to Robert Baratheon after he took the throne. The marriage was politically motivated, to cement the relationship between House Baratheon and House Lannister, but Cersei reveled in the power it afforded her.

She has suffered through her years of marriage to Robert. She hates her husband and sees him as a boor and a dullard, a fool who has no business being king. Cersei is an expert at manipulation and sees binding her brother to her as just another way to expand her power and that of her house. Whether or not she truly loves Jaime is unclear. She believes she does, but at the same time, she also feels it’s fine to manipulate and use her brother to achieve her own ends.

Queen Cersei Lannister

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