Rickon Stark

The baby wolf


A headstrong three-year-old, Rickon is the last of Eddard and Catelyn’s children. Rickon is still a baby, but along with the auburn hair of a Tully, he also carries the determined mien of House Stark. Young Rickon is stubborn and willful but also kind and loving, depending upon his mood.

He is particularly attached to his brother Robb and Bran and his half-brother Jon Snow, all of whom dote on him endlessly. His mother Catelyn keeps a close watch on Rickon, fearful he will develop the same independent streak and take the same foolish risks as his brother Bran. She dislikes Rickon’s attachment to Jon Snow but has, so far, done little to discourage it.


At three years, Rickon is the youngest member of the family, but he is very much a Stark, nevertheless. Loved by the household and doted on by both parents and siblings, Rickon is showing himself to be a strongwilled and intelligent boy.

Rickon Stark

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