Robb Stark

The Young Wolf


Though he takes more after his mother’s Tully appearance, Robb is certainly his father’s son, and most feel he will make an excellent Lord of Winterfell when his time comes. Today, Robb is a serious young man who, despite the occasional emotional outburst, is nevertheless learning the wisdom and patience that is demanded of a Stark ruler.

Robb is a handsome young man with his father’s broad-shouldered build and his mother’s auburn hair. His blue eyes are thoughtful, and his complexion is fair. In many ways, Robb embodies the best of both of his parents’ houses, and he seems to bear the demeanor of a great lord, even at his relatively young age. He prefers the darker colors of House Stark, though will dress in more festive Tully livery should the occasion demand it.

Even at fourteen, Robb has begun to show himself as a masterful leader and a budding diplomat with the ability to see and understand others’ personalities and viewpoints and then adapt his manner to suit them. He helps curb Arya’s fiery spirit without quenching it, he encourages Bran in his adventures while also counseling caution, and he even manages to steer a treacherous course between his half-brother Jon and his mother Catelyn, maintaining a close friendship with Jon and being a dutiful and loving son to his mother. These qualities are certain to come into play later when Robb finally takes his destined role as Lord of Winterfell.

Robb is also a strong fighter, trained by some of the best arms masters in the Seven Kingdoms. He is patient and methodical, and unlike peers such as Joffrey Baratheon, he refuses to allow his emotions to get the better of him in battle. Robb seems possessed of a strong military instinct and is well versed in the histories of Westeros’ wars, leading most to believe he will make an excellent leader of men in combat. It is hoped the long peace of Westeros will continue, but Robb knows peace is often illusory, and with such ambitious individuals as Balon Greyjoy still scheming for power, conflict is inevitable.


Eddard and Catelyn’s eldest child, Robb was born soon after the War of the Usurper. Even as a child he seemed to understand the great responsibility he bore, taking on the role of leader and confidant of his younger siblings. Robb dutifully takes on the role of elder brother. This role grew even more prominent with the arrival of Arya, Bran, and Rickon, and today he is the acknowledged leader of the Stark children, and all care for him deeply.

Robb Stark

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