Samwell Tarly

Sam the Slayer


Tarly’s first son Samwell, born of his wife Melessa of Florent, has proved a failure in his father’s eyes in just about every sense imaginable. Instead of learning to handle weapons, Sam preferred books; instead of being physically fit, Sam was overweight; instead of boiled leather, Sam preferred soft fabrics. But perhaps the worst sin Lord Randyll’s son committed was being born a craven. This disposition earned Sam his father’s lifelong enmity. Lady Melessa bore Randyll three more children, but all of themwere daughters, and Lord Tarly would certainly not tolerate a woman as the head of the house. Then Melessa finally gave birth to another son, Dickon, and Sam was free from his father’s disgust—for a time. When Sam reached his fifteenth birthday and it was clear that his second son would be everything his first was not, Lord Randyll gave Sam a choice: either take the black and renounce his family name, or suffer an “unfortunate accident” during a hunting excursion on the morrow. Samwell chose the Wall and now makes his preparations to journey to the North.


Samwell Tarly

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