Sansa Stark

The a proper lady


Sansa is very much a child of summer, and as such, she may be hard pressed by the winter shadows that are sure to come. Bright, happy, and romantic, Sansa can also be petulant and unwise like any child her age. In the bloody world of Westeros, however, even a child’s bad judgment can lead to disaster.

The consensus is that Sansa will soon be a beautiful woman. In appearance, she is more Tully than Stark, having rich auburn hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She loves bright colors and often disdains House Stark’s traditionally somber shades.

Like many girls her age, Sansa is enthralled by tales of romance and adventure, and she sees the world through the eyes of an innocent, blind to its ugliness and violence. She disdain’s Arya’s rebelliousness and Bran’s recklessness, preferring instead to play the dutiful daughter and learn needlework and court dances in the hope of one day catching the eye of a dashing hero and being swept away to an enchanted castle as his bride. Her greatest dream is to be part of the court in King’s Landing and to be wooed by knights in armor and noblemen on white horses.


Sansa has spent all of her eleven years in the North, learning the duties of a noble daughter and dreaming of romance in far-off realms. So far, her life has consisted of lessons from her septa, prayer in the godswood, games with her siblings, and a growing rift between her and her wilder sister, Arya. Sansa dreams of a world of knights and ogres, rescued maidens, and noble deeds, and she desperately wishes to experience the excitement of the outside world.

Sansa Stark

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