Ser Davos Seaworth

The Onion Knight


Davos Seaworth is as unlikely a knight as they come. A man of low birth, born in wretched Flea Bottom of King’s Landing, Davos’ life was one of hardship and want. He eventually found service on the Cobblecat under the command of the Blind Bastard, a Tyroshi smuggler and pirate whose real name was Ror Uhoris. During his time as part of the crew Davos sailed the waters all around Westeros until his master lost his head after selling weapons and armor to the wildlings.

After his time with the Cobblecat, Davos made his own way and secured
his own ship, the Black Betha. He became one of the most famous
smugglers to sail the narrow sea, likely coming into conflict with Stannis
Baratheon time and again. During the War of the Usurper, Davos
took it upon himself to smuggle onions and other foodstuffs into
Storm’s End during the Redwyne and Tyrell siege of the castle. It wasn’t
much, but it was enough to allow Stannis and his men to survive until
Eddard Stark arrived to break the siege.

For Davos’ invaluable service, Stannis rewarded the smuggler with
choice lands on Cape Wrath, a small keep, and the title of knight. However,
Stannis insisted Davos pay for his years of law breaking, which
meant losing the first joint of each finger on his left hand. Davos consented
on the condition that Stannis wield the knife himself. Davos
named himself Seaworth and he has served as a true servant of Lord
Stannis ever since.

Davos is married to a woman named Marya, the daughter of a carpenter
who attends their small keep on Cape Wrath. She’s given Davos
seven children: Dale, captain of the Wraith, Allard, captain of the Lady
Marya, Maric, oarmaster of the Fury, Matthos, Davos’ second on the
Black Betha, Devan, who is squire to Lord Stannis, and Stannis and
Steffon, young boys both at Cape Wrath.


Ser Davos Seaworth

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