Ser Ilyn Payne

King's Justice


Ilyn Payne once served Lord Tywin Lannister as his captain of the Hand’s guard. Fourteen years ago, King Aerys II had Payne’s tongue cut out for boasting it was the Hand who truly ruled the Seven Kingdoms. After Robert took the throne, he raised Payne to King’s Justice—or executioner, and ever since, he has been a dour and sinister presence in the king’s court.

Payne is a grim and joyless man who only finds solace in his work—and not much at that. Appropriately enough, Payne looks like death. His face is pockmarked,
and he has deep-set eyes and hollow cheeks. What little hair he
has left is long and grey, and it sprouts from above his ears. He wears irongrey
chainmail over boiled leather and carries a greatsword on his back.


Ser Ilyn Payne

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