Ser Jaime Lannister



Jaime Lannister is easily the most infamous of all the Kingsguard, for it was by his hand that the last Targaryen king was slain. In betraying his vows, he earned the name Kingslayer and is reviled as a treacherous man of loose loyalties. In spite of the cloud of suspicion hanging above him, next to Ser Barristan Selmy, he is the greatest of the White Swords.

Jaime is a handsome young man with all of the Lannister line’s associated traits: golden hair, bright green eyes, and comely features. He dresses in white, like any member of the Kingsguard when on duty, but he also wears his family colors at other times and carries himself regally, like a king.

Jaime is the quintessential warrior, and all of his skills lie in that area. He isn’t a politician, an information broker, or a leader: he is a fighter, and he accepts that fact completely. For all of Jaime’s apparent simplicity, he is quite complicated. He comes off as arrogant, amoral, and dishonorable, but it’s more accurate to say he’s pragmatic and follows his own personal code of honor.

Because he has such a bad reputation, everything he says is cast in the worst possible light. An offhand joke is taken as a grave threat by others, just because it is spoken by the Kingslayer. And as for honor, Jaime takes his vows to heart, but when they conflict, he chooses a course of action and follows it to its conclusion, no matter the consequence. He is interested only in the most expedient way to overcome whatever challenge faces him.

To his family (and those he allows to get close to him), Jaime can actually be a very kind and likable man. In his family, Jaime is liked by his father, sister, and brother—no mean feat considering how the three of them treat each other.


Jaime Lannister is twin to Cersei Lannister, brother to Tyrion Lannister, and the eldest son of Tywin and Joanna Lannister. Jaime was everything his father wanted in a son. Smart, skilled, and courageous, he had the makings of warrior, and it appeared to all that he would follow in his father’s steps and become the next Lord of Casterly Rock. Things, however, did not turn out as Tywin Lannister expected. Jaime and Cersei had always been close, closer than one would expect even of twins. Even with Lady Joanna’s best efforts to keep the two apart, they found ways to be close, and with their mother’s death, they found ways to be closer until Jaime was squired to a knight in preparation for his birthright.

When Jaime turned eleven, Ser Sumner Crakehall took him on as a squire. In his service, he proved his courage and skill time and again, and when Ser Sumner and others entered the kingswood to root out the Kingswood Brotherhood, Jaime’s bravery won him his spurs. A newly minted knight at the age of fifteen, having already won a tourney as a squire, it seemed to the world this young lion could achieve anything he desired.

However, fate would intervene when he arrived at King’s Landing, where his father served as the Hand of the King. Tywin intended to wed Jaime to Lysa Tully to cement the bond between the west and the riverlands. Lord Hoster Tully was en route to King’s Landing to discuss the dowry. Faced with a marriage to a woman he didn’t know or love, and consumed with passion for his sister, it seemed the situation was hopeless. Cersei, who believed she would remain at King’s Landing with her father, put forward the idea that Jaime join the Kingsguard. Since she was part of the Aerys’s court, such a position would keep her brother in the city and necessarily cancel the terms of the marriage. Jaime agreed, his love for his sister outweighing the cost of the sacrifice. Cersei arranged his nomination, and in short order, Jaime was named to the Kingsguard at the great tourney at Harrenhal and became one of the youngest to wear the white. What neither of them expected was Tywin’s wrath. Their father surrendered his position as Hand and returned, with Cersei, to Casterly Rock, thus spoiling their plans. As a member of the Kingsguard, Jaime soon found that service to Aerys was intolerable. The king’s madness grew by the day and Jaime was forced to endure his excesses. When war broke out, Jaime was commanded to attend Aerys at King’s Landing while the rest of the Kingsguard went to the field to meet Robert’s host. It was clear to Jaime that Aerys was using him as a hostage to ensure Tywin would not turn against the throne.

As Robert’s armies converged on King’s Landing, Jaime learned of the king’s plan to burn the city to the ground with wildfire rather than be taken alive, and after Aerys foolishly allowed Tywin and the Lannister host into the city, the king ordered Jaime to bring back his own father’s head. Jaime refused, killed the Hand of the King, and then cornered Aerys in the throne room, putting the Mad King to the sword and bringing a close to the War of the Usurper with one act of oathbreaking. It didn’t help his case when Eddard Stark found him seated on the Iron Throne, and in the years that followed, infamy has dogged Jaime’s heels.

For his part in turning over the Iron Throne to Robert Baratheon, Jaime was pardoned for his loyalties and allowed to serve the crown in his former capacity. Even though he was saddled with the name Kingslayer, his honor soiled, and his name sullied, he didn’t care, for his sister was soon wed to Robert Baratheon, and for the first time in years, Cersei and Jaime could continue their tryst.

Ser Jaime Lannister

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