Ser Meryn Trant



Ser Meryn Trant is among those knights appointed by Robert, most likely at Cersei’s urging, when he had to fill the ranks of the Kingsguard after the former members were killed during Robert’s Rebellion. He has served dutifully and does everything asked of him.

Trant is a man inured to violence. He no longer cares what orders he is given and, in fact, no longer cares about anything. He is willing to commit violence against anyone without a second thought. He is capable of politeness and a courtly demeanor one moment and violence the next. Unlike Boros Blount, Trant isn’t cruel; he’s just uncaring.

Trant is a physically imposing man, especially in his armor of enameled scales chased with gold. He has dour eyes with bags under them, a wide sour mouth, and a rust-colored beard spotted with grey.


Ser Meryn Trant

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