Theon Greyjoy

Heir to the Iron Islands


The last surviving son of Lord Balon Greyjoy, Theon was sent to Winterfell as a hostage after Eddard and Robert Baratheon smashed the Greyjoy Rebellion nine years ago. Theon has since grown to manhood among the Starks, and although he seems to fit in well with the Northmen, he remains an outsider, his status as hostage never far from his mind. In addition, he is the sole heir to Lord Balon, and someday, he plans to become leader of the harsh ironborn, a role for which his relatively easy life at Winterfell may have left him ill prepared.

There is no question Theon is growing up to be a charismatic and handsome young man, a fact he often uses to his advantage when pursuing comely peasant girls. He is dark and fine-featured, with a deep and thoughtful gaze and a trim athletic build. He frequently carries his bow and dresses in garments that often combine features of both House Stark and Greyjoy—most often dark grey or black tunics with the golden kraken of his house embroidered on the chest.

Though he seems to be a happy and good-natured young man, the fact is Theon is a stranger in two worlds. He is a hostage to House Stark— he will never gain any authority or importance among the people who have served as his foster family, and he is an outsider who, in the view of most ironborn, at least, has never seen real battle, which makes him unlikely to garner the respect he needs to rule the Iron Isles.

As he grows older, these facts weigh heavier on Theon, though he conceals his inner conflict well, participating in hunts and other entertainments with the Starks and cultivating a cheerful, if slightly cynical, disposition. He has shown himself to be an excellent fighter and is particularly skilled with the bow. Theon is not yet fully a man by the Iron Isles’ standards, and his self-doubt occasionally compels him to take unnecessary risks, sometimes at the risk of his own or others’ safety.

Theon never forgets he is heir to the Iron Isles, and despite his apparent friendship with the Starks, his gaze is fixed on Pyke, the father he barely knows, and the harsh and unforgiving people whom he someday intends to lead. He is determined to perform deeds to make even the harshest and most bloodthirsty raider take notice and acknowledge him as a true ironborn.


Balon Greyjoy’s attempt to declare independence from the Seven Kingdoms and rule the Iron Islands as a separate state ended in disaster for all concerned when Stannis Baratheon smashed Balon’s fleet, and the combined forces of Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon crossed over to assault Pyke. Balon’s first son Rodrik died at the walls of Seagard, and his second son Maron perished while defending Pyke. The elder Greyjoy accepted bitter defeat and bent the knee to King Robert, allowing Theon, his sole surviving son, to be taken hostage by the Starks.

Since that day, Theon has lived at Winterfell, treated with the utmost respect and kindness despite his status. He has developed a close relationship with the Stark children, especially Robb. He is known for his good humor and easygoing manner, though some have noted he seems to have a cruel streak. For the most part, however, he is a well-liked part of the household at Winterfell.

Theon Greyjoy

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