Thoros of Myr

The Red Priest


A fat red priest who hails from Myr, Thoros is an irreverent follower of the Lord of Light and spends most of his time drinking with Robert and his other companions. As the youngest child of eight, his father gave him to the Red Temple. There, he proved a reluctant servant, going through the prayers and spells as required, but he delighted in raiding the kitchens and bedding servant girls. His gift for tongues and disruptive presence saw the Red Temple
dispatch him for the Seven Kingdoms, where he would serve at the
king’s court, in the hopes of converting King Aerys.
Thoros is a skilled warrior and often participates in tournaments and
battles, famous for his flaming sword and flapping red robes. Thoros
fought for Robert during the Greyjoy Rebellion and proved his worth
at Pyke, being one of the first to enter the castle once the stonethrowers
battered down the walls.


Thoros of Myr

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