Viserys Targaryen

The Begger King


Poor, doomed, ambitious, useless Viserys. As the last male heir to House Targaryen, Viserys is a poor inheritor, an unstable youth with more ambition than sense. Dimly remembering his life before exile, Viserys clings to his past and sees his exile as an intolerable setback. Thus, everything he does, he does to regain the throne. Unfortunately, his arrogance and madness have done him few favors, and he has very nearly run out of options; he must now rely on those who would use him for their own ends.

Viserys looks like a true Targaryen. He has platinum blonde hair, violet
eyes, and a hard, gaunt face. Physically, he is unimpressive, having
never squired nor taken an interest in arms. The most physical activity
he participates in is beating his sister (who is eight years his junior) on
a regular basis. He is proud of the Targaryen heritage and wears their
colors of red and black, as well as their three-headed dragon crest, all
bought with someone else’s money.

Viserys never really recovered from the death of his mother, and he
blames Daenerys for it. He spent every day of his life on the run from
people who should have been paying him homage, and it drives him
mad. He is paranoid, impatient, vindictive, petty, and abusive—particularly
to Daenerys, who often suffers his wrath when she “wakes the
dragon,” Viserys’s term for making him angry.
He knows he should be King of the Seven Kingdoms, and really
that’s all he needs to know. It is his by birthright. He thinks of himself
as the savior of the people of Westeros and knows that when he returns
the people will welcome him home, despite the fact his father’s insanity
drove his nobles to turn against him and kill him—a minor detail.


Viserys was just a boy when his house crumbled beneath the ferocious assault of Robert Baratheon and his allies. As the armies converged on King’s Landing, his mother, Queen Rhaella, and a cadre of valiant and loyal knights spirited him to Dragonstone, where they would wait out the war. It was clear Dragonstone was no longer safe, for Aerys was dead and the war was over. Ser Willem Darry, a sworn sword to the Iron Throne, bundled up Viserys and the newborn babe Daenerys, whose mother died birthing her, and carried the heirs across the narrow sea to
take refuge in the Free Cities.

The aging knight raised and cared for the children as best he could, but when he finally died, the children had nothing and no one, leaving the pair virtually alone in an uncertain world. Viserys was left to care for a sister he hated for killing his mother, all while seeking the means to reclaim what he believed was rightfully his. Viserys drifted from sympathetic house to sympathetic house, selling all he owned, including his mother’s crown, to make ends meet, but in time, they had nothing left and no friends.

A ray of hope shone in a master merchant named Illyrio Mopatis. An ambitious man in his own right, he plucked the children from their impoverished lives and installed them into his own house, where he plied the Beggar King with promises of victory, wealth, and the Iron Throne. Mopatis believes and has nearly convinced Viserys that the only chance the Beggar King has of conquering the Seven Kingdoms is to cement a pact with the Dothraki. If Viserys would consent to wedding his young sister to the khal, Viserys would gain an army of savage warriors to support his bid to seize Westeros. That Viserys would even consider sullying his family line with a marriage to a barbarian reveals the extent of his desperation and his thirst for power.

Viserys Targaryen

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