The following houses have pledged their fealty to Sunspear.

House Allyrion
Ranking Major
Castle Godsgrace
Arms A golden hand on gyronny red and black
Motto No Foe May Pass
Godsgrace castle is situated near where the rivers Scourge and Vaith
meet. Lady Delonne is head of the house. Her only child, Ser Ryon, is
her heir. Ser Ryon also has but a single child, the natural-born Ser Daemon
Sand, known as the Bastard of Godsgrace. Ser Daemon is quite
enamored of Prince Doran’s daughter and heir Arianne Martell, and
he once went so far as to ask for her hand in marriage. His illegitimacy,
however, made such a match impossible.

House Dayne of Starfall
Ranking Major
Castle Starfall
Arms A white sword and falling star crossed on lilac
Of all the houses sworn to the Martells, few are as storied as the
Daynes—and perhaps none as burdened by recent loss.
The seat of House Dayne is Starfall Castle, which lies on the Torentine
where it pours into the Summer Sea. The Daynes possess Dawn,
a greatsword as pale as milkglass that legend tells was forged from the
heart of a fallen star thousands of years ago. Both blade and star are
depicted on the house’s arms. Unlike other storied weapons, Dawn does
not simply pass from one head of the house to the next. Instead, only
those members of the family who have proven themselves worthy are
permitted to wield the weapon. These men are known as Swords of the

The last Sword of the Morning was Ser Arthur Dayne, one of the
most famed and feared members of Aerys II Targaryen’s Kingsguard.
When the outlaw Kingswood Brotherhood became a serious threat to
the safety of the smallfolk, Ser Arthur was one of the men sent to put
an end to them. During a battle that ultimately broke the brigand band,
the Sword of the Morning clashed with the Smiling Knight, a fierce
fighter considered insane. Such was the strength of Dawn, the Smiling
Knight’s own sword was rendered useless. When Ser Arthur halted his
attack to allow the Smiling Knight to fetch another weapon, his opponent
quipped it was the Kingsguard’s blade he wanted. Ser Arthur
assured him that he would have it and then gave him every inch.
Ser Arthur was a close friend of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and was
sent to the Tower of Joy with Ser Oswell Whent and Lord Commander
Gerold Hightower to guard Lyanna Stark at the outbreak of Robert’s
Rebellion. When the rebellion succeeded, Eddard Stark came south
with six companions to reclaim his sister. The Kingsguard refused to
surrender their charge, even though a new king was now seated on the
Iron Throne. A melee ensued, and the Sword of the Morning did not
live to see another one. Of the men who fought, only Stark and his
compatriot Howland Reed survived.

Eddard Stark then traveled to Starfall to return Dawn to the Daynes.
Soon after learning of his death, Ser Arthur’s sister Ashara leapt to her
death from the Palestone Sword, one of the towers of Starfall. Her body
was never recovered.

Although it was widely believed Ashara killed herself out of grief for
her brother, her sister and others offered a different story. One suggested
Ashara met and fell in love with Eddard Stark at Harrenhal during the
year of the false spring, and she threw herself from the tower because of
the pain of a broken heart and a stolen son.

Allyria is sister to Ashara and Ser Arthur and is betrothed to the
Lord of Blackhaven, Beric Dondarrion. Lady Allyria’s nephew, Edric,
is serving as a hostage at Last Hearth. Although he has not yet reached his
teen years, Edric is considered the current Lord of Starfall though his aunt rules the castle in his place. Like many of the other members of House Dayne, he has pale blonde hair and blue eyes so dark they may well be purple.

No new Sword of the Morning has been named since Ser Arthur’s death.

House Dayne of High Hermitage
Ranking Minor
Castle High Hermitage
The most well-known member of this cadet branch of House Dayne is
the current Knight of High Hermitage, Ser Gerold, called Darkstar. Ser
Gerold is a charismatic man with traits similar to the Daynes in Starfall
in some respects: his eyes are a dark purple, and his shoulder-length hair
is silver with a prominent black streak. But unlike the other Daynes,
Darkstar also has a streak of cruelty and anger just as black as the one
that marks his head. He is an accomplished fighter, and he is unafraid
to test his skill on anyone at any time. His nephew _____________ was sent to accompany Edric Dayne as hostage at Last Hearth.

High Hermitage is situated on the Torentine between Blackmont
and Starfall.

House Yronwood
Ranking Major
Castle Yronwood
Arms A black portcullis grill over sand
Motto We Guard the Way
The Yronwoods are one of the older houses in Dorne, having existed
prior to Nymeria’s landing when they were minor kings in their own
right. They fought against the Rhoynar and the houses that supported
them, an effort that was ultimately unsuccessful. Because of this, the
Yronwoods and Martells, who fought with Nymeria to unite Dorne,
have often found themselves on the opposite sides of a cause. For instance,
the Yronwoods sided with Bittersteel three times during the
Blackfyre Rebellion.

Relations between the Yronwoods and the Martells were most certainly
not improved when a young Prince Oberyn was caught in flagrante
with the Lord of Yronwood’s paramour. They worsened when Lord Yronwood
dueled Prince Oberyn to first blood and then died of ostensibly
minor wounds. Dark rumors suggest Oberyn’s weapon was poisoned.
Time, however, has done much to cool the tensions between the two
houses. Prince Doran sent his son Quentyn to foster at Yronwood at an
early age, where he served as a page and then as squire. When it came
time to take his vows, Quentyn chose to be knighted by the Lord of

This reconciliation certainly has not extended to other houses within
the region. The Yronwoods maintain a rivalry with House Fowler that
extends back to the time of the Rhoynar conquest, when the Fowlers
chose to support the Martells.

The current Lord of Yronwood is Lord Anders. In addition to his
familial title, he is also known as the Bloodroyal (most likely a reference
to the house’s heritage prior to Nymeria’s landing) and the Warden of
the Stone Way. The latter title refers to the Yronwood’s duty to protect
Dorne from invaders traveling down the Boneway, a responsibility the
house is uniquely qualified to fulfill since Yronwood Castle sits at the
southern end of that route. Lord Anders has a son, Ser Cletus, easily
distinguishable by his lazy eye.

House Martell


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