Brown Bear

Bears are ubiquitous throughout the north, inhabiting the slopes of the Frostfangs, the Rills, and the wolfswood, and none are more feared than the white snow bears found in the extreme north beyond the Wall. Bears are far less common in the cultivated lands of the south, confined to the Storm Lands and rarely in the westerlands.

STR 3D6+15 (25)
CON 2D6+6 (13)
DEX 3D6 (10)
SIZ 3D6+15 (25)
POW 3D6 (10)

Brown Bear Hit Locations

D20 Hit Location AP/HP
1-2 Right Rear Leg 3/8
3-4 Left Rear Leg 3/8
5-7 Hindquarters 3/9
8-10 Chest 3/10
11-13 Right Front Leg 3/7
14-16 Left Front Leg 3/7
17-20 Head 3/8


Type Weapon skill Damage
Bite 60% 1D8+1D10
Claw 50% 1D6+1D10

Special Rules
Combat Actions: 2
Strike Rank: +7
Movement: 6m
Skills: Athletics 25%, Perception 50%, Resilience 45%, Stealth 15%, Survival 60%, Tracking 25%
Typical Armour: Tough Hide (AP 3, no Skill Penalty)


Brown Bear

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